Text generation

Need an introduction, a summary, a conclusion... it's as good as done!

SEO Optimized

Original texts

Zero plagiarism

Simultaneous generation

Plateforme multilingue

Texts, yes but not only...

Whether you have a showcase website, an e-commerce site, or a blog, you need to write text. And it quickly becomes time-consuming, especially if you're not a writer!
With Screebot, we have developed a feature that allows you to write introductions, summaries, intermediate paragraphs, conclusions... in just 2 clicks.
You just need to explain in 2 lines what you need, add keywords if necessary, and Screebot will write a text tailored to your situation!

Suitable for all activities

Whether you are independent, a freelancer, running an online store, or managing a corporate website, the text generation feature is suitable for all situations.
The quality of the texts combined with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology gives you the opportunity to place the generated texts on your most important pages!

Speaking of SEO...

As mentioned above, not only is the quality comparable to that of a professional writer, but with SEO skills that will change the game.
Screebot has been trained to meet search engine standards.
No more risk of duplicate content, keyword stuffing, or Google penalty!
Our team conducts hundreds of quality tests per week to ensure the best content generation for you.
We verify results using top SEO tools (Yourtext Guru, Semrush...).


Frequently asked questions.

Are all the texts original?

Whether you need an introduction, paragraph section, or text summary, each generation is unique.
Combined with text generation in multiple languages, you can go international!

Can I insert my keywords?

It's even recommended 😀
Screebot is designed to meet the SEO needs of website owners, so you can go ahead with confidence.
Simply add your keywords in the relevant field, and Screebot will naturally insert them within the generated text.

Is the text editable?

Yes, no problem!
Every document generated by Screebot belongs to you. You can place your text wherever you want, whether modifying it or not...

What is AI text generation and how does it work on Screebot?

AI text generation, often used in web content creation, is a feature offered by some software. Screebot is one such software that utilizes automatic text generation. It's a revolutionary tool that allows for simple paragraph generation without the need for specific knowledge. By introducing a "context" field, the user can guide Screebot to produce text perfectly suited to their needs. The generation time is on average one minute, and the generated text is unique, original, and without the risk of duplicate content penalties.

What are the advantages of automatic text writing with Screebot?

Automatic text writing with Screebot has many advantages. Firstly, this platform saves time since text generation only takes a minute. Additionally, the software can generate content in French, English, German, Italian, and Portuguese, with the option to export results in HTML. Moreover, Screebot is optimized for SEO, promoting natural referencing of the generated texts. Finally, the user remains the owner of the texts and therefore has the ability to modify them as desired.

How to use Screebot to generate quality content?

Using Screebot for generating quality content is quite intuitive. The user simply needs to choose the type of text, add keywords if necessary, and fill in the "context" field to guide Screebot in text generation. This AI text generator allows you to create different types of texts: introduction, conclusion, intermediate text, and conclusion. These features make Screebot one of the best tools for generating quality content, whether it's blog articles, web marketing texts, or any other type of text. Additionally, the presence of artificial intelligence in automatic text writing offers considerable time savings and excellent quality results.

The other features

Blog posts


In just one click, generate a complete, structured blog post optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Soon, you'll even be able to ask Screebot to post it directly to your WordPress site!

Description of e-commerce products


Automatic product listing generation for e-commerce assists in creating comprehensive and appealing product descriptions.

Text generation


Paragraph-writing takes into account the subject matter provided and the instructions for producing original, high-quality content.

Rewriting texts


What could be better than an assistant that rewrites a text to avoid problems of plagiarism, copyright and duplicated content? Well, Screebot automatically does it for you!

FAQ generation


Design your FAQ in 3 clicks. Choose a theme, add keywords to insert if necessary, and off you go!

Generating posts for social networks


Ask Screebot to create an engaging post to promote your company on your social networks. Product launch, special offer or new service... let Screebot communicate!

and many more...