Text Rewriting

Need to rephrase a text in just 2 clicks? Let's get started!

SEO Optimized

Original texts

Zero plagiarism

Simultaneous generation

Plateforme multilingue

End plagiarism and duplicate content

Spending hours rewriting a paragraph to avoid the risk of plagiarism or content duplication, that was before!

Now you have Screebot and the text rewriting feature.
In just 2 clicks, you ask the platform to rephrase an entire text, but not only that...

Adapted for Everyone

Whatever your project, whether it's for a website or a document, text rewriting is suitable for everyone.

Some examples of use 😉:

  • rephrase an e-commerce product description
  • generate dozens of web pages with unique text each time
  • duplicate a page in another language with unique content
  • ...

Goodbye "content spinning"!

Let’s rephrase while improving

We told you... that's not all!
In addition to rewriting by paraphrasing, you can insert keywords. Screebot will insert them judiciously within the new paragraph, and this will have an effect on your visibility on search engines!


Frequently asked questions.

I have several almost identical pages on my site, is it useful?

More than a bit!
For example, if you have a service sales page + the name of a city (ex:"plumber Mulhouse"), you can use rewriting by asking to change "Mulhouse" to "Strasbourg".
The result will be clean and will be taken into account by Google and others... but we'll let you experiment 😀
If you have SEO questions, you can also ask us, we'll help you!

Why rewrite in another language?

Don't forget that search engines speak many languages and they know very well if a text has simply been translated before being reused.
Rewriting a paragraph by changing the language will save you a lot of trouble!

How will this help my natural referencing?

Simply by taking into account the fact that search engine algorithms (Google, Bing, Yahoo...) don't like copycats!
Copying is bad and besides legal risks, you'll never place your site on the 1st position of SERPs (search result pages).

Thanks to Screebot, rewriting by paraphrasing a text manually or using techniques like "content spinning" is over. Just paste the original text and click "Generate".

What is Screebot’s text rewriting feature and how does it work?

Screebot's text rewriting feature is a powerful tool that allows users to rewrite any text automatically.
This can be extremely useful for rewriting articles, blogs, or any other form of content.
The purpose of this tool is to rephrase the original text in a way that produces a new unique text while preserving the initial meaning. For example, this tool could paraphrase sentences, change the order of words, or use a different lexical field. Additionally, the quality of the generated text is excellent, as the tool follows grammar rules.
It can be used in French, German, English, Italian, and Portuguese. This process usually takes about a minute.
Once the text is rewritten, it can be exported in HTML.

How is Screebot’s text rewriting tool optimized for SEO?

Screebot's text rewriting feature is highly optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Users have the ability to insert keywords. The tool then uses these keywords throughout the content to help improve its ranking in search engine results.
Additionally, the tool generates unique content, meaning there is no duplicated content. This is crucial for SEO, as search engines generally penalize sites that duplicate content. Therefore, by using this tool, there is no risk of penalty from search engines.

What are the benefits of using Screebot’s text rewriting feature?

There are several benefits to using Screebot's text rewriting feature.
Firstly, the tool is easy to use, even for those who have no knowledge of writing or SEO.
Secondly, this tool allows you to own the texts and modify them at your will. This gives users great flexibility and total control over their content.
Thirdly, this tool can generate multiple text rewrites simultaneously, which can save you a lot of time.
Finally, this tool is extremely useful for avoiding plagiarism and creating quality, original, and unique content. Whether you're a writer, a marketer, or a blogger, this tool can help you generate ideas and improve your writing style.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and Screebot for AI text rewriting?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence model designed primarily for conversation and answering questions, while Screebot is a generator specialized in content rewriting and paraphrasing. Screebot, with its features, is optimized for creating unique web content, thus ensuring a better marketing and SEO strategy. On the other hand, ChatGPT could be used to generate ideas or write content, but it doesn't have the same specific rewriting characteristics as Screebot.

What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence to rewrite certain texts?

Using artificial intelligence for rewriting offers several advantages. It allows for quick and efficient writing, ensuring unique and quality content. AI-based tools strictly follow grammar rules, offering precise results. This facilitates paraphrasing and reformulation, avoiding plagiarism. Moreover, AI software can process large volumes of text, be tailored to the best SEO standards, and offer the ability to write in multiple languages.

Why is it important to rewrite for SEO?

Rewriting is crucial for SEO because search engines value unique content. Rewriting helps avoid duplicate content, which can lead to SEO penalties. By using tools for paraphrasing, writers can maintain the original meaning while changing the style and structure, producing text optimized for the web. A good content creation plan, integrating rewriting, thus ensures better visibility on search engines.

The other features

Blog posts


In just one click, generate a complete, structured blog post optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Soon, you'll even be able to ask Screebot to post it directly to your WordPress site!

Description of e-commerce products


Automatic product listing generation for e-commerce assists in creating comprehensive and appealing product descriptions.

Text generation


Paragraph-writing takes into account the subject matter provided and the instructions for producing original, high-quality content.

Rewriting texts


What could be better than an assistant that rewrites a text to avoid problems of plagiarism, copyright and duplicated content? Well, Screebot automatically does it for you!

FAQ generation


Design your FAQ in 3 clicks. Choose a theme, add keywords to insert if necessary, and off you go!

Generating posts for social networks


Ask Screebot to create an engaging post to promote your company on your social networks. Product launch, special offer or new service... let Screebot communicate!

and many more...