Generating descriptions for e-commerce products

Generate SEO-quality product descriptions tailored to your online store.

Descriptions that boost your e-commerce site

Screebot's product sheet generation allows you to generate engaging text for your visitors while increasing your visibility on search engines... and all in 3 clicks!

All you have to do is explain the benefits of your product to Screebot, and he'll be able to write an eye-catching description!

no credit card required

Suitable for small and large sites alike

In addition to generating multiple descriptions, the texts are optimized to encourage visitors to buy your product and boost your SEO based on your keywords.

We check the quality of the text with the best online SEO tools to ensure you are positioned as close as possible to 1st place on Google, Bing, Yahoo...

SEO optimized

Simultaneous generation

Multilingual description writing

HTML export

Descriptions without plagiarism

Simple, fast and effective!

Take advantage of 500 free tokens to test and adopt Screebot!





Can I run several descriptions at the same time?

Of course!
The platform was created to enable professionals with e-commerce sites (and agencies) to generate descriptions without having to wait.
And all the other features are designed in the same way.

It's one of our agency customers' and site editors' favorite features, so make the most of it!

Can I add my own keywords?

Yes, as with the other features, you can add the keywords to be inserted in the description. Screebot will insert your keywords naturally, taking into account SEO best practices.

Can I generate a description in several languages?

Absolutely, and we can do even better!
Not only can you generate product sheets in multiple languages, but because each description is unique, there's no risk of plagiarism or duplicate content.

Other features

Text generation


Paragraph-writing takes into account the subject matter provided and the instructions for producing original, high-quality content.

Description of e-commerce products


Automatic product sheet authoring for e-commerce helps create complete, attractive product descriptions.

Blog posts


In just one click, generate a complete, structured blog post optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Soon, you'll even be able to ask Screebot to post it directly to your WordPress site!

Generating posts for social networks


Ask Screebot to create an engaging post to promote your company on your social networks. Product launch, special offer or new service... let Screebot communicate!

FAQ generation


Design your FAQ in 3 clicks. Choose a theme, add keywords to insert if necessary, and off you go!

Rewriting texts


What could be better than an assistant that rewrites a text to avoid problems of plagiarism, copyright and duplicated content? Well, Screebot automatically does it for you!

and many more...

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