Post generation for social networks

Communicate easily and build a community on social networks

The ultimate community management tool

What could be more tedious and time-consuming than writing for your social networks?

With the social post generation feature, you can create engaging posts, tailored to your brand or company, and optimized for social network algorithms!

no credit card required

Suitable for all situations

Do you need to communicate on :

  • a product launch
  • a new service
  • an exceptional offer
  • ...

or simply to create a post to interact with your community...

Screebot helps you, and does it well!

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram...

We have developed this functionality taking into account all the particularities of each social network.

For example, Screebot will add hashtags for Instagram or integrate emojis judiciously depending on the type of communication.

Developed for community managers

What could be better than an assistant who knows your specific needs to write posts tailored to your target audience?

With unlimited productivity and virtually no cost, he'll be your best ally for managing your customer projects or your own marketing team.

Optimized for algorithms

Simultaneous posts generation

Multilingual writing

Engaging and relevant posts

Writes in your style

Simple, fast and effective!

Take advantage of 500 free tokens to test and adopt Screebot!





Can I adapt the posts to my brand?

Not only can you tailor your posts to your brand or company, but you can also choose which social network and type of posts you want to communicate with.

I’m a Community Manager, what do I do if I have several customers?

Thanks to the project management system we've set up on the platform, you can sort your projects or customers into folders and find your way around easily.
What's more, Screebot is white label, so you can use it without a problem without quoting us!

Can Screebot automatically post to social networks?

Very soon!
We are currently developing this feature and our "Expert" members will be able to preview this editorial calendar feature..

Other features

Text generation


Paragraph-writing takes into account the subject matter provided and the instructions for producing original, high-quality content.

Description of e-commerce products


Automatic product sheet authoring for e-commerce helps create complete, attractive product descriptions.

Blog posts


In just one click, generate a complete, structured blog post optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Soon, you'll even be able to ask Screebot to post it directly to your WordPress site!

Generating posts for social networks


Ask Screebot to create an engaging post to promote your company on your social networks. Product launch, special offer or new service... let Screebot communicate!

FAQ generation


Design your FAQ in 3 clicks. Choose a theme, add keywords to insert if necessary, and off you go!

Rewriting texts


What could be better than an assistant that rewrites a text to avoid problems of plagiarism, copyright and duplicated content? Well, Screebot automatically does it for you!

and many more...

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