Generating FAQs

What better than a good FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), to help your visitors?

SEO Optimized

Original texts

Zero plagiarism

Simultaneous generation

Plateforme multilingue

Answer your visitors' questions...

With the FAQ generation (questions and answers), you add a professional dimension to your website or web page.
And you don't even need to search for questions... Screebot does it for you and answers them while adapting to your situation.

How does it work?

Simply provide the theme of the FAQ, the number of desired questions/answers, and your keywords (if SEO is needed)... that's it!
All you have to do then is retrieve your FAQ (exportable in HTML if needed) after a few moments!

Why create a FAQ?

Adding a series of questions and answers will help your visitors, but it will also have the impact of boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
You then have the possibility to add your keywords into Screebot so that it adapts to your marketing strategy.


Frequently asked questions.

Do I need to find the questions before generating a FAQ?

Absolutely not!
The goal is to save you time, so Screebot does it for you.
Just indicate the theme of the FAQ and provide some context, that's all!

How does Screebot use artificial intelligence to generate FAQ content?

Screebot relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate FAQ content. These innovative tools allow the platform to understand and analyze the textual data you provide in the "context" field. Through deep learning models, the generation tool can propose relevant questions and answers in just a minute. This generator is a valuable tool for saving time while producing quality, unique, and original content. It is also optimized for SEO, which helps improve your site's natural ranking.

What different features does Screebot offer for FAQ generation?

Screebot offers a variety of features to facilitate FAQ generation. For example, the tool allows generating multiple FAQs simultaneously, which can be very convenient for managing different topics or sites. Moreover, the tool is available in French, German, English, Italian, and Portuguese, which is a considerable advantage for international businesses. After generation, the user can export the text in HTML, simplifying the integration of the content into their website or blog.

What are the advantages of using Screebot for FAQ generation for my business?

Using Screebot for FAQ generation offers several advantages to your business. Firstly, it will save you time. Screebot proceeds with generation quickly, usually in less than a minute. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate quality, unique, and original content, eliminating the risk of a penalty for duplicate content. Additionally, you retain ownership of the generated texts and can modify them as needed. Finally, the tool is optimized for SEO, which is essential for improving your site's natural ranking. These combined features make Screebot a comprehensive solution for FAQ content creation.

Can I generate the same FAQ multiple times?

Yes... and you'll get a different result each time! Which is extremely convenient if you have fairly similar pages on your site, so go ahead!

And as with other features, you can also ask Screebot to generate a FAQ in another language... useful if you want to internationalize.

How does Screebot find the questions?

Screebot knows the questions because it knows your industry and anticipates the most frequently asked questions by your targeted clients/visitors.

However, you have the option to provide specificities related to your situation through the "context".
For example, by explaining: "We are an automotive garage but we specialize in diesel engines", it will not add questions related to other types of engines.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and Screebot for generating FAQ with AI?

ChatGPT and Screebot are two AI-based platforms, but they have different orientations. ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI and is designed for conversational interactions, providing answers in a smooth and contextual manner. Screebot, on the other hand, is specifically optimized for FAQ generation, offering questions and answers tailored to a given theme based on the "context" field provided by the user. The tool is also integrated with specific features for SEO and multilingual generation.

What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence to generate FAQs for my site?

Using artificial intelligence to generate FAQs has many benefits. It allows for quick and efficient creation of relevant content tailored to user needs. AI can analyze and quickly understand a large amount of data, providing accurate answers to complex questions. Additionally, by using tools like Screebot, the generated content is unique and optimized for SEO, thereby improving the visibility and ranking of your site. Furthermore, automated generation ensures consistency and standardization of content, ensuring a quality user experience.

How should I write the context to get the most suitable FAQ for my web page?

To write the context effectively, it is essential to be clear and precise. Start by defining the main topic of your page or site. Then, add specific details that can help guide the generated questions, such as specifics about your business, products or services offered, or any other relevant information. Avoid using overly technical language or jargon unless it is essential for your context. The better the "context" field is written and detailed, the more relevant and tailored the questions and answers generated by Screebot will be to your content.

The other features

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Rewriting texts


What could be better than an assistant that rewrites a text to avoid problems of plagiarism, copyright and duplicated content? Well, Screebot automatically does it for you!

FAQ generation


Design your FAQ in 3 clicks. Choose a theme, add keywords to insert if necessary, and off you go!

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Ask Screebot to create an engaging post to promote your company on your social networks. Product launch, special offer or new service... let Screebot communicate!

and many more...