How do I post my Screebot article on my WordPress site?

To post your article generated by Screebot to your WordPress site, follow these simple and effective steps. This will allow you to transfer your content from Screebot to WordPress while maintaining proper SEO optimization.

Steps to Post Your Screebot Article on WordPress

1. Generate your article on Screebot

  • Ensure you have generated your blog article via Screebot following the detailed instructions for creating a document.
  • Once the article is generated, go to "My Documents" to find it.

2. Prepare the article for transfer

  • Open the document you wish to publish.
  • You have the option to copy your article in HTML, plain text, or to select and manually copy the content. For a WordPress site, copying the article in HTML or manually copying the article is generally preferable as it will preserve the formatting.

3. Log into your WordPress dashboard

  • Go to your WordPress site and log into your dashboard. The URL will generally look like

4. Create a new post

  • In the left menu, click on "Posts" then on "Add New".

5. Paste your article content

  • In the WordPress editor, switch to "Text" mode to paste the HTML code of your article. If you chose to copy your article in plain text, stay in "Visual" mode.
  • Paste your article.

6. Format your article (if necessary)

  • If needed, adjust the formatting of your article directly in the WordPress editor. This might include adding headings, subheadings, or changing the layout.

7. Add images

  • If your article requires images, you can add them by using the "Add Media" option in WordPress.

8. Configure SEO and Metadata

  • Use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO to add an SEO title, meta description, and configure other SEO settings to optimize your article for search engines.

9. Preview and publish

  • Use the "Preview" function to see what your article will look like once online.
  • If everything is to your satisfaction, click on "Publish" to make your article accessible to everyone on your WordPress site.


Q : Can I edit the article on WordPress after publishing it?
A : Yes, you can always come back and edit your article after it's published by going to "Posts" > "All Posts", and then selecting the article you want to edit.

Q : What if my article has specific formatting elements?
A : WordPress offers extensive customization options through its editor. You can adjust the formatting using the visual editor or by adding custom CSS for specific needs.

By following these steps, you should be able to effectively publish your Screebot article on your WordPress site while maintaining optimal quality and SEO optimization.