How Credits Work on Screebot

Screebot is an advanced platform for generating editorial content that operates on a credit system to enable users to produce documents. Understanding how these credits work is crucial for making the most of your Screebot experience. Below is a detailed guide on the credit system on Screebot.

What Are Credits?

Credits are a virtual currency used on Screebot for document generation. Whenever you create a document, whether it's a blog post, a social media post, or any other type of written content, credits are deducted based on the number of words generated.

How Are Credits Consumed?

The credit consumption system is based on the number of words generated. For each document, generating 1000 words consumes about 700 credits. This conversion rate allows users to effectively plan their credit usage according to their content needs.

Plans and Credits

Screebot offers various plans, each providing a specific number of credits per billing period.
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These plans are designed to accommodate different levels of content needs, enabling users to select the most suitable option for their situation.

Credit Renewal

Credits are renewed at the start of each billing period, ensuring you receive a new allotment of credits according to your plan with each payment cycle. This arrangement allows for uninterrupted content generation.

Managing Credits

Efficiently managing your credits is vital for maximizing Screebot's utility. Here are some tips:

  • Plan Your Content Needs: Estimate the amount of content you require and plan your document generation accordingly to avoid running out of credits.
  • Monitor Your Consumption: Keep an eye on your credit usage to ensure you stay within your plan's limits.
  • Plan Change: If your credit needs increase, you can switch plans at any time without additional fees to access more credits.

What Happens If I Run Out of Credits?

Should you deplete all your credits before the end of your billing period, you'll need to wait for the credit renewal to generate new documents. Alternatively, you can switch plans to immediately increase your credit allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I purchase additional credits without changing my plan? A: Currently, Screebot does not offer the option to buy extra credits separately from the plans. To obtain more credits, you must switch plans.

Q: What happens to my unused credits at the end of the billing period? A: Unused credits do not carry over to the next period. Each billing cycle starts with the number of credits allocated by your plan.

Q: Can I share my credits among multiple users? A: Credits are assigned to the user account and cannot be directly shared between multiple unlinked accounts. However, the Expert plan allows for multi-account management, with each account having access to the total credit allocation of the primary account (the team-leader).

Q: How can I check my credit balance? A: You can check your credit balance at any time from the upper right corner of the platform when logged in.