Can I create a team to share my account?

Yes, you can create a team to share your Screebot account, but this option is only available with the "Expert" plan. Here's how:

Creating a Team with the Expert Plan

  1. Subscribe to the Expert plan: Make sure you're subscribed to the Expert plan, which allows you to access the multi-account feature. This plan offers 150,000 credits and allows you to add up to 3 additional users to your team.
  2. Access the My Team space: In the left sidebar of the platform, click on "My Team." This section is specifically dedicated to managing your team.
  3. Add members: In the "My Team" space, you'll find an option to add members to your team. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite and send the invitation.
  4. Acceptance of the invitation: The invited person will receive an invitation email that they must accept. They will then be guided to create their Screebot account if they haven't already done so. Once the account is created and the invitation is accepted, they will become a member of your team.

Features and Limitations

  • Credit sharing: Credits are shared within the team. This means that each document generated by a team member will consume the available credits on the main account.
  • Document and folder management: The team leader (main account) can access documents and folders created by team members. However, members do not have access to other members' documents or folders, ensuring work confidentiality.
  • Member removal: A member can be removed from the team either by themselves or by the team leader. Removing a member does not affect the credits already consumed.


Q: Can members of my team see my documents?
A: No, members of your team cannot see your personal documents. They only have access to their own documents.

Q: Can I limit the number of credits a member can use?
A: Currently, Screebot does not allow individually limiting the number of credits each member can use. Credits are shared equally among all team members.

Q: What happens if I exceed the number of credits allocated to my plan?
A: If you exceed the available credits, you will not be able to generate new documents until your plan is renewed or until a possible plan upgrade immediately adds credits to your account.

By following these steps, you can effectively create and manage a team on Screebot, enabling smooth collaboration and shared resource management.